Tuesday 31 January 2012

Am I your OASS Partner?

Dear Secret Swap Partner,

I have had a wonderful weekend sewing for you.

With the Autumn theme I knew just what I wanted to make for you.

Would you like to see?

Would you like a new cushion for your couch?

I now have a problem dearest partner, it looks so good 
sitting on my couch (in my opinion) that I need to make another, just for me :o)

A huge thank you to Cheryll for hosting this swap

and many others. They are always fun :o)

Now, Secret Swap partner, I can not let you know who you are just yet.
But you will know, when this arrives in your letter box :o)

Hugs, Sharon


  1. wow... great cushion Sharon - love the colours... I have only just started mine.....

  2. ooOOH.. such a tease Sharon. Your partner will LoVe the cushion.. why wouldn't she.. it's gorgeous!
    And perfect for a Autumn swap! Thank You for playing along. :)

  3. lol,what a funny post Sharon you are a charactor,lovely gift for that special some-one,lol.
    I havent started mine yet,i had better get a wiggle on,lol.xx

  4. A delightful fall tree. I can see why you would want one for yourself too. Sometimes when I make a gift, I plan from the start to make one for myself along with it.

  5. Lovely cushion Sharon, you are very clever! I expect to see another one soon for your own couch, lol!!


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