Thursday 22 December 2011

How Old is Old enough?


I have just overheard a conversation between my 13 y.o. son and Miss Lily.
(hence this impromptu post as we are about to walk out the door and go to the final Primary School Assembly for my other son)
He simply asked her what is Santa going to bring her for Christmas?
The reply was so fast that it just took my breath away.

"A new baby and a Sewing machine"

.... a what?   yes a Sewing machine

So now I ponder this question,

How old is old enough for a child to get a Sewing machine?

Brand New Elna Sewing Machine - Model: Elna Mini

When pondering this question we must remember she is the youngest of 4 children, is quite often seen sitting on my sewing chair pretending to sew ... and this is not the first time she has mentioned a sewing machine, but is the first time it has come from her with such force and determination!

I would love to hear your views/experience.

Hugs, Sharon


  1. When I was growing up the magical age to use my mom's sewing machine was 10 but on reflection I think I could have handled it earlier. I had girls in my Grade one class (six years old) who took sewing lessons from a local lady. They wore little reversible skirts that were adorable...and they had made them with the help of this seamstress. They all loved sewing and were producing some wonderful things...the skirts, little stuffed animals, a top and hair ornaments. Hope this helps!

  2. PS...these girls were supervised and not left with the sewing machine on their own. :o)

  3. ???? you are worried about the sewing machine???? that parts easy haha... love it....

  4. i think if they have an interest,as soon as they can put there feet on the peddle,with my grandchildren they sat on my lap and i worked the pedal for them while they moved the fabric around and i always put it on low speed,gee she sure knows what she wants,lol,good luck Miss Lily with your santa wishes,lol.what a little charactor.

  5. Lol, I don't envy your decision!! I think it would depend on how often it will be used ... and if you feel she is responsible enough to look after it. ... Have a fantastic Christmas!!

  6. my youngest got hers from Santa when she was 9, she's now 11 and is very happy piecing quilt tops and mug rugs.

    She is definitely old enough!

  7. I started both of mine with handcranked sewing machines when they were four. They love the cranks as they only go as fast as they want to. My eldest is now ten and ready to start using a treadle.

    Dorothy in Oz

  8. how old is girl got one 2-3 years ago for christmas.......I got a proper basic one........I am always with her when we are sewing........and she had to have a step under her foot peddle to start with and sit on a little higher chair but it all went well and I would do it all again.........

  9. I started on a treddle when I was 6 and both my girls have used my machine on occasion since they were about 8-9. As long as you are around and explain how fast and dangerous the needle is she should be fine any younger than 5 might be a bit of a concern.

  10. I have a friend who is a dress maker...her son got his first machine before he went to school.

  11. I bought my girlies a Janome sew mini sewing machine not that they have used it yet. They want to learn but I don't have the patience to teach them YET I say go for it :)

  12. My 11 year old uses my sewing machine under supervision. Her sister bought her own when she was 14.

  13. I can't remember when my children first tried sewing but younger than 10 BUT starting with me sitting right over them and 100% close supervision. I wouldn't give a child a sewing machine or leave them unattended until I was very sure they could use it safely.

  14. The boys were 8 and 11 when they asked for one. They manage well, but I can't leave 8 yo alone, but the 12 yo I can sit right next to him and do my own sewing. But NEVER alone!


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