Thursday 24 November 2011

Distracted to easily ....... DS Collection

That is me today.  There is one major thing that I Should be doing ....... but I am not.

I promise you that I just could not help myself. 
These fabrics from Denyse Schmidt's "Salty Aire" range were yelling at me to become something. 

I love this range but I also can't wait until her next range "Daisy May" arrives but I believe that wont be until Feb/March next year here in Australia.

(I have seen a lot of bad comments/feedback on the quality of this range in Blogland recently and I will just encourage the Aussie girls to go and take a look at it in person as it appears as though the range that  we have available here in Australia is not the same and not flawed like the range available at Joannes in the US. I got mine from Spotlight Bendigo)

So this afternoon I approached my cutting table with caution (don't want to be wasting any) and now I have this....

What will it be?

All cut and ready to be made into something from this book
but more on that soon (I hope) as I have to get back to finishing off this

I have started the quilting so need to get back to it ... deadline to gift this one is looming ... way to fast :o)

Enjoy your creativity,


  1. lovely range Sharon cant wait to see what you make out of this book,i also have the book i especially bought it to make the table runner

  2. such pretty fabrics, good to hear you are happy with the quality.... hmmmm.. what did you do about Dec Birdie stitchery?... it is looking so pretty...

  3. Your new fabric looks pretty, can't wait to see what you're making. Love your Birdie quilt, it is going to be a gorgeous quilt once finished.

  4. Your fabric is beautiful. I can't wait to see what you make!

  5. Love the fabric range ... thought about checking it out even though I'd also read some not-wonderful feedback from some women ... will check it out next week when I go to Spotlight as planned! There are such pretty fabrics in the line!!
    Looking forward to seeing your finished Birdies quilt! I've been collecting the patterns and have decided to make this a project for next year, or possibly over Christmas ... depends on how much I get through first, lol! Lots of stitchery plans for that time of the year!!!


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