Thursday 29 September 2011

Jamie Oliver leads to a Thrifty Thursday Post!!!

Discussions have been happening in our home recently over the Platters and serving ware that Jamie Oliver uses in his 30 Minute Meals Show that is currently on  TV here.  DH wants the cook book and I must go and get it for him as he is a great cook and loves cooking and I really appreciate his help :o) But back to topic..... we love the rustic way he serves his meals so this lead me out on the hunt earlier in the week for some suitable platters and thus the realisation that NEW just wont do .... no where near rustic enough.

Then it dawned on me ......Thrift Shops ........

For some time now I have been admiring the blogs by Janelle at  "The Janelle Wind Collection" and Mardi over at The Love Supreme.  Both ladies do a "Thrifty Thursday" Post and both have some lovely finds.

Thrift shopping is not something I have done before (I aways donate usable goods but never go in for a look) so I waited for my Mum to arrive for her visit yesterday and off we went.  I didn't find what I was looking for but I will go back and continue to keep my eyes open. I even have my mum on the lookout for me when she gets home!

Time was not waisted though, I did find a couple of  things :o) 

Want to see?

A lovely blue and yellow hand painted bowl, only $2 and I keep getting "told off" for putting my threads in my coffee cups so I was supper pleased when I found these cute little bowls and only 50c

Now I just need to remember to put one next to me!

Do you go Thrift shopping?
What are your finds?

I would love to see.

Thank you for stopping by,


  1. Your new thrifted china is beautiful. I have a couple of favourite shops I pop into from time to time to see what treasures I can find! Always fun.

  2. some great buys there Sharon


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