Thursday 22 September 2011


No not just a top but a full on Quilt that you can snuggle under.

Allow me to introduce my

Fandango Boxed in Quilt

and I made a pieced back for it to

This is the first large quilt that I have actually quilted so I stuck with "in the ditch" which wasn't such a bad idea as I really have to get used to dealing with the weight and bulk of a quilt in/on my sewing machine.

 I did get a call late yesterday to let me know that my extension table has arrived after a 6 week wait so I can't wait to get it as I am sure it will make things a little easier and now I will have it for my quilting class next month, then I can seriously think about FMQ.

I know that this quilting job is way from perfect but in a way that is what makes it perfect, right :o)

I have a few more quilt tops already made that I am now a little less hesitant to finish off so fingers crossed I get to them sooner rather than later.

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy stitching and enjoy your weekend.



  1. What a great quilt. You did a wonderful job. I think my "imperfections" make my quilts a little more loveable.


  2. You have made a wonderful job Sharon, your quilt is beautiful.


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